About Us

Seabirds once nested in their millions throughout New Zealand coastal and mainland forests, but predators and deforestation have devastated seabird populations. 

Now, almost all seabird colonies are limited to predator-free islands, like the black petrel colony on Great Barrier. From their nest many species travel thousands of miles across the Pacific, only returning home to breed.  One of the main risks for these birds, while they are at sea, is fishing - both commercial and recreational. 

Southern Seabird Solutions Trust links fishing industry leaders, government officials, conservations, eco-tourism operators, scientists, and researchers.  We have made significant progress but for some species, like the spectacular wandering albatross, time is running out.

Every purchase of apparel on this site contributes to important work researching the issues, identifying solutions and connecting fishers with the information they need to protect these birds and the delicate ecosystem they support.

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